Sunny Seal is Selected in "Searching for Chinese-made Invisible Champions • General Machinery Volumes"

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On October 25,2018, China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA) held the launch ceremony of "Searching for Chinese-made Invisible Champions • General Machinery Volumes" at the "China International Fluid Machinery Industry Summit Forum 2018" in Shanghai and Sunny Seal was included in the book. Published by The People's Publishing House, the book is aimed at searching and mining for the unknown and dedicated "invisible champion" for the development of machinery industry under the organization of China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA).

The invisible champion refers to a company with market leadership has been making intensive efforts in a subdivision field for a long time. Its products are neither the whole machines nor the end products, but are "invisible" in the end products, unknown products, and the indispensable key components to achieve the end products.

Sunny Seal has been focusing on sealing for forty years. We have studied sealing technology and developed sealing products in the spirit of craftsmen. We have developed high-parameter seals for pumps and compressors, which are installed on the pumps and compressors, and are the key components to ensure the safe operation of pumps and compressors. The products of Sunny Seal break the monopoly of foreign countries, fill the gaps in China, realize high-end products, and form the diversification product. Sunny Seal has developed into the very high market share and the pretty strong technical level of the industry champion, standing at the top of the pyramid of the domestic seal line.

"Sunny Seal started with technology, always adheres to innovation, aims at the high-end industry, thus forming a unique core competitiveness and becoming the backbone of high-end sealing products in China's sealing industry", write in the "Searching for Chinese-made Invisible Champions • General Machinery Volumes". The book uses a large space, in the form of rich pictures and texts to write cases of Sunny Seal, elaborate the development of Sunny Seal, and evaluate that Sunny Seal is the very typical invisible champion following the national frontier policy.


As the Chinese-made invisible champions, Sunny Seal will never forget the original intention, remember the mission, and embark on a journey to build a centennial high-quality enterprise in the sealing industry together.




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