Contribute to an Adequate Supply of Natural Gas in China’s Winter
our quality goods and professional services are well received

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     A scorching summer day cannot stop people serious and responsible work in Sunny Seal. A cold winter day cannot prevent people to provide warm and thoughtful services in Sunny Seal. After a hard-working year, our dry gas seals and control systems of compressor for Hechi Gas Transmission Station Project start up successfully. As one of the main equipment suppliers of the project, our company received a good comment of Southwest Pipeline Construction Center Hechi Wuzhou Project Division, and get the official praise letter from project division recently, which is due to our quality products and professional services.
      Hechi Gas Transmission Station Project is a key project in the China-Myanmar Natural Gas Connectivity Project, which is the key point to China’s winter natural gas supply. In the project, our company provided 2 sets of dry gas seals and control systems for compressors. The dry gas seals for pipeline compressors have many problems, such as, high pressure of working gas, complexity of composition, poor working condition of secondary seals, startup and shutdown frequently of the unit, no nitrogen source on site, flammability and explosiveness of process medium gas etc. Hence, it is very difficult to design and produce the seals and systems. Since we received this important project in November 2017, our company attached great importance to the project. We comprehensively control the quality and process from many aspects, including design, purchase, manufacture etc. To ensure the process of Hechi Gas Transmission Station Project, our company delivered the products on schedule in June 2018. At the installation site, sales and service staffs work hard with no leisure time so as to solve the site problems in time. The seals have been tested many times and still of excellent performance, which ensures the successful performance test of compressors and the normal start-up operation.
       During the installation, commissioning and operation of Hechi Gas Transfer Station, the service staffs of SBW, Sunny Seal and other supporting enterprises have excellent service level, strong sense of responsibility and capability of identifying and dealing with problems, which ensures the successful completion of the on-site work. For these reasons, the project division particularly praised the excellent service staffs. 

Dry Gas Seal and Control System by Sunny Seal

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