Warmly Congratulations to Sunny Seal for Winning the 2018 Excellent Supplier of Maoming Petrochemical

Inputtime:2018-12-28 16:09:00 Copyform:Sichuan Sunny Seal Co., Ltd.
   The warm sunshine comes to Yangcheng of Guangzhou in winter, while the good reputation comes to Maoming Petrochemical.  With the diligent work, Sunny Seal gets the great reputation. Warmly congratulate Sunny Seal on winning the 2018 Excellent of Maoming Petrochemical.

   On December 27, Maoming Petrochemical, the largest taxpayer in Guangdong Province and one of the two branches of Sinopec headquarters with profits exceeding 10 billion yuan, held a commendation conference for excellent suppliers in Guangzhou in 2018.Sunny Seal was rated as the only excellent supplier of sealing specialty. Mr. Feng Mingzhong, the director and deputy general manager of our company, represented our company at this grand meeting.

Sunny Seal has been rooted in Maoming Petrochemical Company for many years with intensive cultivation and diligence to successfully complete the various entrusted important sealing projects, such as high pressure compressor seals for 2400KT/Y Hydrocracker compressor, high pressure compressor seals for 1800KT/Y wax oil cracker compressor, Dry gas seal for 1500KT/Y reform compressors, 100KT/Y Butadiene screen compressor, seal and system for 200KT/Y PP reactors; many other retrofit success in the critical applications; and the ongoing project: gas seals and system for 2600KT/Y slurry oil hydra cracker! In the execution process of various projects, it has been highly praised by users for many times!
   Sunny Seal has an office in Maoming, equipped with a professional technical service team, and has been fighting for the long time in Maoming Petrochemical, providing one-stop service for the daily work of Maoming Petrochemical Sealing!

   The user's affirmation is our greatest encouragement. In the future work, we will continue to maintain a rigorous work style and a pragmatic working attitude. We will work together to make our products and services work well and contribute to the smooth operation of the user’s equipment!

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